The Spirit

I  identify myself as a Pagan. But don't not recognize one God or Goddess over another. I don't put down other faiths and respect others love of their Gods and beliefs, the only thing I ask is the same in return. The Wiccan reed is "Harm None" and I feel this in my heart as the way to live- and most organized religions follow a similar creed. Here I will share my beliefs, feelings, findings and links to things I have found while on my quest for understanding (one that started over 20 years ago). Please keep any open mind while reading and do not judge- one thing I do believe is that is not for us to do but should be left to our Higher Powers, who have ultimate knowledge and love for us all.

I grew up Catholic- baptized,  and confirmed in the faith. But I questioned the church early on- I don't believe in Hell or Sinners or the Devil or that Jesus is God or he is anymore son of god as you or me. Please don't read that as I don't believe Jesus didn't exist, there is way too much out there to say that- but what I do believe is the information we have is distorted and not the truth, written by men trying to push out the scared feminine out of fear and ignorance. I believe Jesus was probably a great man that tried to bring a new thought to a dying world, tried to help all and love them unconditionally. But there have been many men and women like this throughout history and they and him are and us are all sons and daughters of the great universe and spirit- we're all equal and we all can do great things. No one person is more special than another- and humans are never gods. 

So on this page I'll share more on the topic of the Spirit.