Friday, April 23, 2010

Very Random Musings (or Bears!)

Well today's is not about last nights dinner....I kind of puttered out on that around 2 yesterday. But the husband did make some fantastic homemade flour tortilla chips and I added the gauc!

Today is very random....we went to a mission thrift store. Not an uncommon occurrence for us (we love the randomness), but I found some new friends for my bear collection. Yeah, not too many people know about this. But besides fairies, I love stuffed bears.

Not just any old bear will do. Mine have to be extra soft and squishy, and look like they did long ago, with long arms and legs and a definite body shape. Since I am so picky I believe I only have like ten total.

My kids love my bears, and I gladly let them play with the bears- they need the love and it makes them feel more "human". I think this may be a throw back to the Velveteen Rabbit. The "real" ness.

Someday I'll line them all up and get a picture. For now here's C in a "Bear Hug".


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