Tuesday, May 25, 2010

August in May!

The past few days we have had 90 degree weather and very HIGH humidity. As the title says it like August in May. We sweat sitting still and if god help us we have to move we have to drink a gallon of water to make u for all the fluid we lost. Don't get me wrong this is not that unusual for the summer just not this early. But it also brings about lots of pondering and memories of childhood- really what else is there to do while sitting still.

I like to think and wonder why things are the way there are. No I don't need answers, and yes sometimes I don't even want answers- I just want to mull it over in my head. If I get to many answers in my head they start to get jumbled up and I get confused when trying to get my thoughts out. My favorite Dr. Seuss book- Oh The Thinks You Can Think! puts it all into perspective.

So I remember.....back when I was in oh 2dn grade we had a huge snow storm- the rare kind they cancel school here for. I know it was sometime time in mid-April because my mother's birthday was right around that time and so was Easter. We haven't had a storm like that, in April, since my older children were born. And this year April was 60 ans 70 degrees.

August and September, in my memories, were HOT and sticky. We play in the sprinklers and lay about in the hottest part of the day- eating ice cubes and covering our heads with cool wash cloths. Last year August was in the 70s and September my children wore pants and sweat shirts to school.

Why is it the weather is SO different now than it was way back when I was young?

Now a random fact....Did you know that there are really only 23 hrs and 56 mins in a day? They (don't know "they" is- I assuming some man) thought it'd be easier for us common people if they just round it up to an even 24 hrs. Maybe this is why every 4 years we have leap year/an "extra" day in the year. I don't have an answer for that but it does make me THINK!

Does this mean we are really aging at a rate of 4 mins more a day than we thought? If we put all those 4 mins a day together it adds up quickly into months, years. We did the math one day in the car, the kids, the husband and I- and if this is correct- we figured it out that when you turn 18 you're like really 21 (I think that's what we came up with)!

So if that's what the time differnce can do for a person- THINK what is it doing to the Earth. Does that explain why our springs are coming sooner? Or our falls? Is everything we think we know about how and when the seasons come wrong? Really we humans have been here on Earth such a short amount of time and really paying attention to the climate an even shorter amount of time.....

So do I sound off the wall and ignorant to you yet? Really it's okay- I am well aware my info is probably off and I am not going around spouting it off as fact. I'm just THINKING and stretching my perception of the world around me. Exploring the what ifs.

I know our changes in climate and weather have a lot more to do with global warming and what WE are doing to our planet. I hate when people close their eyes to this, or make up excuses or far fetched explanations- I can be far fetched too, but my idea doesn't shift the blame off what we have done.

So it's May and it's hot and sticky and I want to ask what August will be like... hotter than ever; or will I be breaking out our snow boots?!

And what do you like to think about? Do you use you're imagination on a daily basis? Do you think of the what ifs? Do you think I'm living in a dream bubble?

Try it- lighten up- and act as if you're a kid again and the possibilities are endless! Happy thinking!

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