Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Places I'd Like to Go....

A friend of mine has been recently been sharing pictures of her travels (BC- before children) and has got me drooling over all the beautiful places. And has gotten me thinking. I've always wanted to travel- I love geography and history, but haven't seen very much of anywhere. I know I have been to more places than some but not enough for my Gypsy Blood.

Places I've been (and mostly as a kid)- western US, Midwestern States, a few that border on southern States, central Canada to Alberta, Tijuana Mex, and Quebec Canada. I've never left the North American Continent. I feel isolated.

So with her photos in mind I've complied a list of the 10 places I want to see (off the Continent) before I'm too old. The goal- 10 years from now. This may mean I travel with a bunch of teenage boys but I am good with that, some will be old enough to watch the others while I and DH go off on our own for a few hours but for all it'd be an educational opportunity like none other.

My 10 Places~
(in no particular order)

1- Paris

2- Italy

3- Stonehenge

4- Egypt

5- Easter Island

6- Machu Picchu

7- Ireland

8- Germany

9- Japan

10- Israel

At the moment my favorite tv show appeals to 2 different parts of me- my competitive nature and my love of the world- The Amazing Race. Man would I love to be on that show- even if I didn't win what a great opportunity to see the world!

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