Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stepping Away from the Blog

I am stepping away from blogging for a while. I have not been feeling very creative lately and this affects my writing too. At the moment I'm heartbroken and sad and don't want this reflected in my posts about my family and children- which is solely why I started this blog in first place. This is not a place for me to shed my tears but to share the joy I get from them and the journey in raising them. My feelings, at the moment, are not in any way a part of that and are mine personally.

Parenting is about struggles and joy. About the good times and HOW we make it through the bad. I am going on to concentrate on the joy and finding it again in my family. Thank you for understanding. And I hope each and everyone of you finds the joy each day, in the little moments and the big.

I'll be back when I'm feeling ready to share and that the cloud has lifted- to free myself of the negative and not worry about leaking all over everyone else.

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