Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chilly April Saturday

So it was a chilly icky rainy April Saturday afternoon, and we all were a bit stir crazy.

The night before Dh and I had gone to Target and seen these cute little colorable guys from Roseart. They're called Color Blanks and you get 2 in a set along with some markers and face stickers.

So out they came! The kids loved them and wanted a go right away!

This simple and personal art activity kept them busy for over an hour! And they had a great time- talking about their little guys and putting themselves into them.

The youngest two involved (I and O) saw on the packaging they also make I guess we may be doing this again someday, as I know they won't stop talking about it till they get them!

Art in Progress!

Group shot!

Finished products!

And the backsides! :D

This is what the littlest did while everyone else was busy! (C slept- probably not the best project for a marker eating 2 year old anyways. He looks often enough like a Smurf from eating chalk! LOL)

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