Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Recommends

I follow a lot of different blogs- probably close to 50! And today I'm going to start a new Thursday ritual (hope I remember every Thursday. LOL)....I want to showcase some of them and link you up! (Someday, when I learn how, I'm going to make a button and links, so everyone who'd like can also take Thursday to recommend their favorite bloggers out there!)

So the 1st is by Ashley over at Fridge Magnets.

I found Ashley's blog through Peaceful Parenting, when her letter to her son (on her decision to not circumcise him) was shared by them. Having been a teen mom myself once upon a time, I can relate to her posts but she does something I didn't- she tries to raise him naturally and has a better head about it than I did. I feel every mom deserves and needs support, especially teen moms and teen moms that are trying to go against the grain, stereotypes and the mainstream. So go read her!

If you have a blog you'd like to recommend please add it to the comments below, along with your own blog (if you're a blogger). We can never have enough to read right?!

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