Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Recommed: The Paper Mama

I just found today's Thursday Recommend yesterday but I'm so excited about this one I had to share it right away! Having decided to make the leap into starting my own business any and all fellow mama photographers and bloggers make my day. I love being inspired their work and lives. I dream to follow their paths and make it a journey of a life time.

The Paper Mama

She has weekly photo challenges for photographers of all levels, with every few criteria- follow the theme for the week and it must include some part of a kid (not necessarily your child or even a human child), could just be their finger or a wisp of hair. I'm just so into this blog already.

Go check it out! And as always if you have a blog you'd like to recommend please leave a comment with link in the comments below! Happy reading and blogging!

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