Sunday, June 5, 2011


Some of us went camping this weekend- I'd love to take us all someday but that would involve another car. We don't all fit in our minivan. My oldest R has finals to study for and the middles were with their father this weekend so off went myself, the DH, the 2 littles, my eldest boy T and his friend J (who for this post will go by Big J and the baby will go by Little J!). 

We drove about an hour to William O'Brien State Park, leaving late morning on Saturday. We set up camp, ate lunch and each went off in different directions. The teen boys went off to find the swimming beach, DH and C went for their own hike and Lil J and I wander around the site. There really was so much to see and do. 24 hours was not enough time to take it all in but it was just enough to get a break from city life.

Butterflies on the beach- there was about 20 of them, and in the coming weeks probably thousands more, as was evident by all the caterpillars we saw.

Our camp home.

Lil J chillin in the tent.

Big boys at Lake Alice. (At its deepest this lake is only 9 feet!)

C ready to swim.

Road through the wilderness.

Morning hike.

C splashing in the water.

One of thousands of caterpillars crawling around the lake.


Lil J loves his watermelon!

Inside of a hollowed out tree!

Camp fire!

Lil J's view from his sleeping bag.

Looking up the hollowed out tree.

Hollowed out tree, my son T wanted to show me so after the babies were sleeping off we went!

On our evening stroll.

Morning Hike.


Cowboy coffee!

Our state issued camp pet.

Woodpecker hole.

Little stream in the woods.

Flowers my DH gave me!

C on the run.

Big guys.

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