Friday, June 24, 2011

On My Mind: The Garden

 Rhonda over at Down to Earth hosts an "On My Mind" Friday link up that I like to participate in (when my mind is clear! Haha). Today on my mind: Our Garden.

 (Along the back by the trellis are the cucumber, garden beans and Moon flowers. The large containers are the tomatoes and the small terra cotta are the peppers, there are a few pepper plants in the ground too! The front little plant is a transplant tree of some sort! Haha- I guess we may have an orchard too.Our make shift fence to try and keep the dogs out-scraps from my mom's new fence and throw away landscape bricks from the neighbor.)

Last year we had this big wild and free garden over at my mom's house (wild and free because we were really only able to get over there about once a month!) but we found it was just too much for us and this year she had her own plans for her yard! So we did a small one in the corner of our yard here (small since we tend to have a lot of food go to waste and the neighbor downstairs has to big labs that like to "use"  the whole yard and small makes it easier to fence off).

We planted vegetables we knew we always use and just a few plants of each. Cucumbers, garden beans, peppers (my O eats these like apples!) and 2 different types of tomatoes- Grape (love to just pop them straight into our mouths off the vine!) and beefsteak, both organic and bought from our local co-op. We also planted some Moon flowers for a bit of color and privacy from the house next door. It was a late planting season here (didn't get anything in till the last days of May- it was too cold and wet this Spring.) and not much happened for a while but in the last week BOOM! out everything came. The viners started to vine and the tomatoes got blossoms (well on the Grapes). We realized we need stake the tomatoes soon- very soon, like yesterday. And our peppers (which we planted in containers) needed to transplanted to the ground. But it looks like we may have a good crop this year! (I'll get a photo up later in the year to show it in its fully beauty!)

Oh I have to give thanks to my DH! He had the children "help" him remove all the landscape rocks that were in this corner of the yard an then turned all the dirt- for my Mother's Day gift. (He did it mostly himself ;D)

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  1. I'm so happy it went well for you guys! Yay
    I still hold out an irrational hope that I will finally "get it" next year. lol


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