Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thurday Recommend: Taking a Day Off

I'm going to take a day off from this weeks Thursday Recommend. It seems that one I've recommended in the past hasn't been very truthful in her posts and I'm feeling a bit disenchanted.

I know we put trust out there that what we're reading is true- this is the Internet and people can easily lie about their lives but I don't go into reading anything with a distrusting heart. Actually the opposite is true- I tend to believe in the good and honesty of others and keep that open mind/heart until it's broken, much like any relationship in real life. I know it's difficult to always be open and honest and there are things you don't want to share with the public but to openly deny and lie is a different sort of thing. I try and be as open and honest as possible, probably to the point of fault but hey why keep secrets- I have nothing to hide and really don't care if another judges me (that's their burden to bare. I try and let God do the judging- for the most part). I like to be real, with everyone not just those in my real life. Maybe this makes my blog not so fun to read at times (the reality of life) or maybe this honesty is what keeps some of you reading. Any which way I just try.

I am not hurt by this blog I follow- why would I be, it's her life and I am only there to enjoy it from the outside looking in. I did envy her a bit but that envy has changed to feelings of sadness for her. She feels the need to hide things; she probably often feels judged or that there is shame in living anything but a picture perfect life. Struggling in life and parenthood is still so taboo. But everyone does it, whether your honest about it or not.

So I'm taking a look at the blogs I follow and why I am following each of them. Am I learning from them? Am I trying to glimpse into a better life, a fantasy life? Do we have a common interest? Or am I just a looky-lou? I'll be back next week with a new recommend and I hope it is a blog that's real and able to teach something to others.

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