Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toys or Tools?

What do you see here?

A bunch of junk toys? Party gifts?
Pieces of plastic that would soon end up in the trash?

Not Me! These are new tools for C and O. C's OT suggested a chewy for C- something safe and designated, meant just for his oral fixation. The bird whistle to help him strengthen his jaw muscles, same idea for the dino copter but I bought that one more for O, he too has an oral fixation- also always chewing on something, his shirt collar, a toy. (The store where I purchased these carry a necklace, similar to those springy bracelet things that used to be popular, that soon I want to get for O- perfect for him to wear all day and chew when he has the urge.) The Wikki Stix are also for O- to be saved for a time where I need him to still quietly and entertain himself- they have much larger packs too.

For "normal" kids all these things would be just a whimsical little toy to be used and cherished for a few hours, maybe a few days but for my oral seekers these are the tools they need to stimulate their senses. There are so many other tools out there, I spent an hour just looking at all the options and loving the ideas I got for future birthdays/gifts. (The Autism Shop) I am lucky to have this locally and very thankful C's OT suggested it!

Funny little story... When I came home from shopping yesterday C was chewing on the corner of his lovey (blanket)- this was a new thing and the perfect time to give him his chewy! I washed it off, handed it to him and watched as he instinctively put it in his mouth and started chewing away. The smile on his face was priceless! You can see it in his eyes in these photos. Just joyous!


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