Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Places I Want to Take the Family.....soon

Someday I'd like to RV across the country and show our beautiful landscape to them. Here are the first five I want to visit....

(Photo from Sacred Sites)

White Sands, New Mexico- I've never been here myself! I've seen photos from others and heard stories of sledding in the sand. What an amazing place!

(photo from Wikipedia)

The Grand Canyon- of course a stop! I remember the vastness of it while visiting as a young teen with my family.

(photo from Wikipedia)

The Rockies- On the same trip as a teen we stopped and played in the July. My kids would love this!

(photo from Wikipedia)

The Redwood Forest- The beauty, the scared space, the entrance into another realm. Need I say more?

(photo mine- P and I in San Diego, November 2000)

The Pacific Coast line- when P was not quiet 2 we spent a few months in San Diego, CA. What a place! I felt so at home here, like I easily fit in. We attended a Drum Circle once with the Rainbow Family, one of the most memorable places I've been. The whole coast line is a wonderland for me.....with the exception of the drive up Hwy 101, not a good spot for those that get car sick easily.

Just 5...of many.....someday soon.......

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