Friday, July 8, 2011

Flying By

If this past week is any indication of how busy we'll be for the rest of the summer it's what I'll call a fly by summer. O and I have only been on summer break for a week but already there's been a play date, a trip to the zoo, the 4th of July, a trip to the wave pool with Gummy (my mom), a bar-b-que and plenty of swimming.

In June R graduated high school and now she's in the process of learning the ups and downs of college life- even thought she doesn't officially start until September. She's missing her official transcripts for registration and needs to go down personally to the school and get a copy, all before next Tuesday. She also lost her driver's license- not normally a big deal, she easily go get a new one But our State Government is in a shut down (much like the nation faced in June, but ours followed through!) and with the shut down there are no license offices open. No license = no applying for students loans. Eek! Time will tell.

Last Thursday was O's kindergarten graduation- (I was lucky enough to have one child graduate high school and starting her college life and one child graduate kindergarten and start his schooling life!) all the kids were so cute. And now he's so excited to start 1st grade and stay all day! He's already asking when he goes back to school- how very glad I am they have a short summer break. (An all year program with just the month of July off for summer) He'll be there soon!

The younger girls have been spending a lot of time at the wading pool with friends. C has had 2 speech therapy session with the therapist through our hospital and is doing amazingly well already! A few new words of his: More, down, penguin, eat. We're working on getting him action words since he has less of an issue with labels for things. Yesterday he showed us just how good of a memory he has by leading us to our ST room on his own, remembering just where each animal had been hiding in an activity and then at the end of therapy showing us the way to the sticker area- he even used his new word to ask for another sticker (one was just not good enough!) "More?"!

The DH has had steady work the past few weeks with the company and has also picked up a side job remodeling a bathroom. I still am awed by his abilities- he demolished the floor and laid a new tile one all in 6 hours! This weekend he hopes to finish off the cupboards and paint! He enjoys that kind of work so much more than cooking by recipe (like his current job)- he loves to cook but it's the creative aspect of the cooking he enjoys most. He's wanting to write his own cook book, with a few of his own creations, but is waiting for the kids to go back to school- I'm trying to be encouraging and think he should start just with his own food blog! (If that ever comes out I'll let you know and link up!)

Me? Well I've just been trying to keep up with the house and find summer routines that fit our days. I'm currently trying to finish off some felt food I started making for C before his birthday back in April- never too late right?! LOL And I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with the weighted blankets- really I'm just procrastinating.. the part I'm at is messy and time consuming (filling the panels and sewing them up one. by. one.). I'll get there, really I will. I'm still hoping to squeeze in some alone time with my camera but it just seems like the days fly by so quickly.. And sometimes I feel a little odd walking around the city taking pictures of random things. (Gotta get over that!)

Oh I can't forget about T and little J. T's doing a lot of hanging out with his best friend and his new/old girl friend. He's had major issues with his bike over the past year- so many popped tires! We're trying to encourage him to get a job...he'd like the extra money. And baby J! He's almost sitting alone and rolling all over the place, even starting to scoot a bit too! He grabbed part of a banana and shoved it in his mouth the other day...I'm thinking he's trying to tell me something! It's hard to believe he'll be 6 months on the 20th, his first year seems to be going by so much faster than C's did.

We talking big plans next summer but that's a surprise and you'll have to wait around till then to know!

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