Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

We had an over all good weekend which included a trip to my favorite new store for a replacement Chewy for C, Saturday and a visit to Como Zoo (one of the last "free" zoos left in the US) on Sunday. The middles were off with their dad and the oldest 2 with friends- a rare occurrence of only having the 2 littlest, made for a well lets to this kind time.

With the busy weekend we decided to keep things mellow for the 4th. Took the youngers to the wading pool and bbq at home. For a few days before Dh and I had been debating whether to skip the big fire works show or not. Loud noises and sensory sensitive children don't always mix well.

Last year (well every year before this actually) we didn't have a name or idea Why the boys were so sensitive to the big booms- I knew what to expect from O, his one true reaction has always stayed the same blood curdling screaming and a little boy trying to run and begging and sobbing "Go home now!" He's done this since he was a year and a half. None of my others did this- funny story my oldest son at a year and a half fell asleep at the beginning of the show and stayed asleep all the way through the finale! I never understood how he could do that- so the opposite of O and C.

Last year was the first time we brought C to the show. O did quiet well- he's learned his own adaptive skills (covering his ears with his hands- and lets out a little bark of excitement on the really loud ones) overall he enjoys seeing them now. C reacted much the same way O did at a year. Screaming and trying to run. Panic all though his little body. A year later he still doesn't react well to loud unexpected noises. And little J is worse- even just his brothers playing too loudly sets him into hysterical crying, especially when he's tired.

So we made a tough decision- to break tradition and forgo going to see fireworks. Much to the dismay of the younger girls (the oldest two were off with friends). But we didn't want it to stink completely and bought some legal fireworks (here they can't launch off the ground) and sparklers. P got the honor of lighting them, at 12 she needed a bit more excitement then just watching, and with us Right There we felt comfortable letting her. I, O and C enjoyed watching- their favorites were the Mini Mes and the T-Rex, both had the whizzing sound associated with fireworks but at a much smaller decibel. Both of these did cause a few screeches from the boys but happy ones. Little J was off in dream land before the 1st one was lit. (He has a very rigid, self induced sleep time of 8:30!)

What will we do next year? Not sure- we'll see how the youngest two are then. We'll just take it as it comes and plan a little bit future in advance.

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