Friday, August 5, 2011

A Real Photo Competition (or I am Shamlessly Promoting Myself)

Our local PBS station is holding a photo competition for photos of our great state. The winners will be published in their upcoming book Capture Minnesota (due out April 2012). And I've entered a few of my best photos! I need your help! Please come out and vote for me! :D

It may seem a bit confusing but the steps are easy- click the link above, choose your favorite, click the black "vote" button under the photo, then when the site redirects you to the photo's page- click the green "I Dig it" button at the top, the site will then redirect you to log in, once you've logged in your vote will be counted! (I can see who's voted for me!) You can repeat these steps (except the login- once your in your in) and vote for all your favorites, or just all my photos!

As you can tell I'm so excited about this one! And am shameless about asking you to come and help! Thank you in advance!

Winners of the contest will be announced in February 2011- I'll give you updates before then and let you know if (maybe I should say which, to keep positive thoughts flowing out) one of my photos win!

(The link to the main site!)

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