Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuck- A SPD Poem


 I'm standing on the side of the
next to my broken down car,
No idea waht's wrong,
No idea where to start,
No idea how to fix it.
Cars pass by,
honking angerly,
waving fists,
or laughing.
A few well-meaning
passer-bys stop,
offer their thoughts-
the battery,
our of gas
oils low.
But they really have
A tow truck slows,
Just turn it on
they offer,
from their window,
while passing.
They could help,
but don't want to
take the time,
too busy,
onto the next customer.

I'm stuck,
Still stuck,
feeling farther
and farther,
from my destination.

Waiting for an answer,
Waiting for help,
Waiting for a  teacher.

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