Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's been very difficult to blog the last few days. I'll sit down to start and they'll be some sort of interruption. Usually one of the boys screeching or a loud thud. My husband has also been more needy, wanting my time in the morning, before he has to go to work. But all of the interruptions stem from one thing: the boys crashing.

What is crashing? I wish I had a video of my boys going at it, but you can find examples from other parents on youtube. But in a nut shell: horse play x10. Jumping, off furniture, into/onto furniture. Wrestling WWE style. Running in circles, into each other, into walls, tables, door frames. Pillow fighting with couch cushions. Hog piles. All done at extremes, and uncontrollable. They can be asked to stop, and you see them honestly trying to listen but they can't keep themselves from starting again.

When it starts can set the tone for the whole day. I deal best with it in late morning or early afternoon, after I've accomplished something for the day. And can come up with creative ideas to help them with this sensory seeking behavior. But this week its started at 6:30 am, just 30 minutes after i've woken up. And needles to say its quite distracting. And sending them out to play at that time of day can't happen, I can't supervise them while meeting the needs of the two youngest, and being alone while in crash mode is a recipe for blood shed and tears.

Quite activities don't work, unless timed just right. And timing it is not something i've got a handle on yet. I'm also lacking in activities and supplies  to make it interesting enough for them to want to join in.

So I go with letting them go at it, under close supervision, and a few basic rules. Its better than meltdowns, from all parties. The thing that suffers most, my morning time. Blogging time. But its temporary, I hope. And I squeeze it in whenever I can.

Someday i'll do a post with video. Look for Crashing 101 coming soon.

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  1. I never knew that it was called crashing! LOL We have our fair share of that around here also. And, it's not just from my sensory seeking child--but, mainly all my boys have been like that to some degree or another.
    It's hard when you have to be inside when it happens, but I agree with you about letting it happen under supervision. Sometimes it's better to just let them get it out of their system!


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