Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saying Goodbye and Hello

Saturday the oldest 3 left for back home for the month, with my mom. Happy and sad all rolled into one. It's already dramatically different around here. We've taken 3 successful trips into town with all 4 little ones. We've had mellow days with little fighting. And quiet nights. Its a totaly new dynamic between them. I miss my olders but am enjoying this time with the youngers.
But dh has had the last few days off, so when he returns to work tonight we'll see how much i'll be enjoying it alone! Haha. The thought is a bit overwhelming- making dinner for us all, putting them all to bed, all w/o extra hands to help, help especially with Little Bit who gets fussy from 4 to 9. I also have the chicken chores to do and dogs to wrangle. But by 8:30 the time will be all mine! What in the world will I Do with myself?!

Saturday was also a day of Hellos. We met dh's mother and step-dad for the first time. The first time my dh has seen his mom in 15 years! It was a wonderful visit. C, who has severe stranger issues, warmed up within an hour, a record around here. He did spend that first hour hiding out on our porch but was drawn in by her camera! O was his usual self, with behaviors that are socially unacceptable usually but for him makes others love him more. J of course his shy but then charming self. And A all smiles and sweetness.

I like his mom, and step-dad. And I think it went well between us. My nerves were on though. They did end up leaving a day early, the heat wave we're experiencing scared them off. I can't blame them, its been almost 100 everyday for a week and we don't have air. But there's another visit planned for October, when the weather cools off.
All in all its been a good start to a long month!

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