Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Costumes

I finally got the kids' Halloween costumes done, a bit of sewing and a bit of hot glue. I hate having to buy costumes so decided to make them myself this year, with a bit of help from the capes my MIL made for the boys this summer. It all is working out well, since the boys wanted to be Super Heros (obsessed with the Avengers!) and B found a youtube video showing her how to make origami claws (she loves origami), she decided a Panda would be good. (We'll paint her face up too!)

Here's the finished project:

And here are 2 finds we got from the Goodwill ($1.99/each). For A's we're going to put bunny ears on her and make some cardboard skis- Snow Bunny. The astronaut outfit we'll use as dress up for the next year and then J will use it for next Halloween.

P is going to be a Goddess. No pictures as of yet. But of course I'll be posting some after they've all been dressed up, after Halloween!

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