Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Hunt

This year we skipped the Trick or Treating. For a few reasons- Dh works overnights so getting everyone out somewhere to T or T and then home again before he had to leave for work would be terribly hard. And stressful. And being that we're looking for ways to reduce our stress, it just didn't seem worth it.

And two T or T is not something I like doing. I personally have been going T or T with my children for 18 years. The ones who I first started going with aren't even going anymore.

So I came up with an idea. A Halloween Hunt. The kids would still get to do the 2 most important things to them- dress up and get candy! But we wouldn't have the stress of going door to door, in a neighborhood we don't know, dealing with crowds of crazy kids.

We'd talked last year about how this property would make a great place for a haunted forest but with our kids (most of them) still too little for one, a Halloween Hunt seemed a better alternative.

So we bought the candy (this is a plus- no having to go thru and check strangers candy!) and came up with good places to hide it. Made some maps and set them off! (Of course we tagged along with the littles, it was dark out!)

(Another added bonus we were able to get special treats since we were just buying for our own. Like candy apples, juice boxes and popcorn balls, and little toys.)

We set up 7 spots.

The first (shown in order here through photos)- The "tractor" toy.

Second- Log pile

Third- Pumpkin Fountain

Fourth- The Candy Tree (seen here)

Fifth- Candy Apple Log

(the candy apples were the most prized treat!)

Sixth- Popcorn Ball Field

And Seventh- Chicken Candy

(The girls were curious to be part of!)

At dark we set off!With maps in hand, The older girls each set off in their own directions. Passing in the dark. When B had found all hers , she came to help the boys along.
These two photos show we weren't alone on our hunt!
(Each picture was taken on the path by the silo but facing different directions!) Spooky.

(These were also the only 2 with the orbs. And yes we have had someone point out it was probably just dust and the flash- but that kind of thinking just spoils the fun! The veil was thin that night, and we like to believe ancestors pass wanted to join in on our fun!)

O getting to the second stop.

Dh waited just until O opened the top of the pumpkin and shouted Boo!- O was startled but we ALL laughed. It was fun!

We were very surprised when C reached in to grab his juice box- he still has sensory issues with gooey stuff. And J would not be undone by his brothers and got his own too!

The Candy Tree
"OH! Candy apples!"

B coming to help us along!

"This way!"

Had a bit of a hard time finding the popcorn balls in the dark!

Almost done- at the Chicken coop.

Of course J needed a ride by then!
And finally we came to the Toy Tractor! A few short foot steps and we were home!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was so low key and stress free. We probably won't be T or T for a while- even if we move more urban- this experience has changed so much! Maybe we'll try again when A is old enough to get round on her own!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween night!

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