Friday, November 23, 2012

Photo Upload Issues- Blogger Issue?

So a few days ago, just 2 I think, I saw a blogger I follow post something about Blogger not allowing her to upload photos at that time. She was getting a message about having filled her photo capicity, even though she'd only used something like 32%. I didn't think anything about it and didn't try to upload any myself (too busy that day). Well today I tried and it acts as if its uploading but then nothing shows up! I have a feeling this is a Blogger internal issue. (Well I really hope so!) I plan to try again later. But until I can there will be a pause in my blog. Sorry.

Is anyone else that blogs with Blogger having issues uploading photos? If you were, were you able to fix it and how?  Also how do you check the percentage of photo space you've used? I'm really interested in knowing how much I've used! I used to follow a blogger who ended up using all her photo space and had to move her blog to another site! I lost track of her, and I'm sure others did too, probably resulting in her losing a few followers.

Thanks all!

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