Wednesday, November 28, 2012


After our long holiday weekend, I took the last few days to declutter and organize the house. Monday I started with our play/schoolroom. Tuesday I tackled the living room. The difference can already be felt. I was going to do the kitchen today but felt like I've neglected my blog too much recently and had the urge to spend some time on it instead.

My days are taking on a life of itself, in some ways. The mornings are busy spent "in" school with O, playing with, loving on and keeping A, C and J out of trouble. After nap its a race to get the house in order before dinner. My evenings are spent with the girls and creating with my hands. I'm loving watching things come to life each night. (I even sometimes get a chance to do some knitting or needle point, I'm teaching myself, during the morning hours, or in that time before the littles wake from their naps.) Life is taking on a new meaning- Simple.

I used to think I understood the saying "Keep in Simple" but I've realized, in the last few days, really what this means. It used to mean not making a big deal out of the little things, keeping out of drama, and uncomplicated. Its true these things are part of it but its all too broad, in trying to keep it simple you have be more specific. "Keep it Simple" is taking on a new meaning for me. In some places I've always done it, naturally. For instance FB, I've always kept my friends list smaller. But in the last year I've made it even smaller. I don't need to be friends with friends from high school, especially if we no longer having anything in common. I don't need to be friends with second cousins. Or my husband's aunt, cousin, family in general. He has his own page he can be the one to connect with them. Nor do I need to be friends with my kids friends, some are great kids but they are my children's friends, not mine. So I keep it small. 60 may not seem small, but if you figure in my own kids, family, the few friends from childhood I still like and the close friends I've made over the years, the numbers good for me. Its simple and doesn't take me hours to get "caught" up with them. And I have no qualms about "simplifying" my list if I find we have moved too far apart, or we rarely ever have contact. I use my account to keep in touch with those who support, love, and encourage me.

Coming to find what simple really means wasn't easy. I found it looking for joy. Looking for gratitude. While finding these I found what simple really means. Simple is feeling good in who you are, what you are doing and where you AT THAT MOMENT. Keeping it simple isn't looking to the future, or trying to make change. Change comes when it comes. And nothing will change while searching and in restlessness. You have to come to find simple to bring change. Then it comes naturally.

Simple- being satisfied with what you have Now. Simple- being who you are, not who you think you want to be. Simple- letting go. Of things you haven't done yet. That you did in the past. Or expectations you have but can't find the way to. Simple- a child's smile. A hug from a friend. A really good cup of coffee. How the full moon lights the land. The way something new seems to come naturally. Simple is simple. Be in the moment, let go of "someday", and live just for today. Dreams and hopes come with time, but to be joyous, happy and free, you have to keep it simple. Simple.

How I got to simple, I stopped making it complicated. I turned away from the thoughts of dread, of failure and looked at where things are good. I stopped taking them, the good things, for advantage. I kept my hands busy and in turn it kept my head clear. When those old feelings try to sneak back in, I find something to do. Knit, needlework, paint, write, laugh, hug, read, snuggle, wash some laundry, or dishes (by hand), turn on some music and sing. Call a friend. These things keep me busy and make my life simpler.

Simple isn't bad. Simple is finding the freedom to enjoy life as it is.

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