Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cast Aways

In the last year and a half we've lived here, we've acquired a few dogs. Our own by choice and three cast aways. We've found homes for two. Titus and Dog, yes, we name them. You kind of have to call them something.

The third, the newest, just came into our life yesterday. I can tell when they're coming.

Our driveway is different than the rest on this road, more secluded and easier to pull off onto. I walked out onto our porch and noticed a red truck at the end, by the road. Busy talking to my husband, I didn't pay it much attention. But then I heard the door, and saw it pull away. And I knew, before ever seeing her. He'd dropped a dog.

She bounded onto the road, then down under the bridge and back up again. I could tell she was young.  I said to my husband, "he dumped a puppy". And started walking down the driveway.

I whistled, trying to call her to me. She playfully yipped, ran towards me, then shot back. Seeming to be afraid to leave where she'd been left. Paws up on the ledge of the bridge, unknowing the danger of the road.

I got her to me, picked her up under an arm and headed back to the house. She was bigger than I thought, but I was too afraid she'd bee line back to the road. So I switched to a cradle hold, making it most of the fifth of a mile our driveway is long.

She's a young pup, maybe 6 months old, full bred lab (we can tell by her webbed paws). Extremely under fed. But otherwise good. She's taken to the kids, and of course them to her. The other dogs (all girls) each have their own opinions. We don't know what we'll do with her. But like the other cast aways, she has a new name- Onyx.

Why do we acquire dogs? Mostly because there are no shelters in the area and people drop them off on country roads. I feel the ones that make it to us are gifts to us and us to them. It's sad and heartbreaking to think about those that don't.

I never know for sure when they'll come but there's something a bit different about the days they do. I feel like I'm waiting for something, and I usually see them soon after.

Cast aways finding their way.

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  1. This one made me so sad and yet so happy. There's a reason for everything. They'll never know how lucky they are!!


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