Friday, February 15, 2013

Show the LOVE

Love for the birds

Love for sisters

Love for my sweets

Love for all!


So many people boo-hoo Valentine's Day. "It's a made up, card company day". "Singles Awareness Day".
Bah hum bug to you all! You're missing the whole point.

We never know when someone will be gone from our lives. And taking an extra day, even if we have to be reminded to do so, to tell EVERYONE we love "I love you", is never a bad thing.

It's not all about romantic love. Every kind of love is important and special and needs to be said. An extra day to show how important they are to you is never a bad thing.

Hold them.

Love them.

Show them you care.

It doesn't cost anything.

And you can never do it enough.


(And a big Thank you to Marcy over at A Simple Life for the window heart idea! She always has soooo many good things.)

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