Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yarn Along: Question About DPNs!

Today I'm joining Ginny from Small Things for Yarn Along.

I'm still slowly but surely working along on My shawl. I'm just a little over half way done. A few days ago I transferred it over to my big circular needles, afraid I'd run out of space on the straights. Oh how I wish I had started it there in the first place, but I wasn't sure how to knit flat on circular needles (thanks again to YouTube I figured out another new knitting aspect!). I love working on this since it's so easy and mindless that I can just get lost in it and not concentrate on anything!

In the mean time I'm trying my hand at my first pair of mittens (fingerless). I've never started a project on DPNs, so I'm second guessing myself on whether I'm doing it right. Every video I've watched shows the knitting going down through the whole, well mine is going up. Am I doing something wrong? And if yes, what? And how do I fix it? I've looked for the answer but can't seem to find it. Hopefully one of you wonderful experienced knitters can help! (Please and Thank you.)

As for reading, the end of last week brought me two of the three books I ordered. I'm loving all the little outfits in Carefree Clothes for Girls. I just hope to get better at sewing by the time little A will be able to fit them- I want to make them all for her! And I am reading bit by bit Start Spinning, no need to rush as at the moment I'm just intrigued by this craft and am gathering all the info I can before jumping in. I'm still waiting on my third book, not very patiently anymore, so in the mean time I'm taking my time and savoring my first issue of my new subscription to Taproot. I love this magazine! So much inspiration and so many ideas! I bought the very first issue a few months ago, to see if I would want a whole subscription, and am so glad I got it! Oh I so love it!

What are you reading? Knitting?


  1. love that clothing book. i need to buy myself a copy.:) i just got my issue of taproot! such a good one. shawl looks amazing!

  2. Your shawl is looking great!

    In answer to your dpn question I suspect that your knitting is inside out. I think this happened to me the first time I knit in the round. I cannot remember what I did to solve it, I may have frogged it and started again or I just carried on as it did not matter that it was inside out. The way to tell is to look at the knitting. If you are knitting on every stitch you will be looking at the outside so it will look like stocking stitch on the outside. When you are knitting in the round you are always on the same side of your knitting as you never turn it so if you purl you get garter stitch. Knitting in the round is actually knitting in a very long spiral! Hope this makes sense.

  3. I'd love to get Carefree clothes for girls. Your shawl is coming along nicely.


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