Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coop for 10

Last weekend the husband (with some "help" from the kids) built the new coop. With 6 new chicks, the old dog house would not have cut it for 10. Chris had the idea of just what he wanted to do in his head, making it hard for anyone else to really help. But despite that, and the rain, he got it done. All built with recycled materials, 8 pallets, an old piece of ply wood for the floor and metal sheets from the old barn (with the exception of a few nails and screws). There's even a drop down door to collect the eggs! Here's a photo diary....

He didn't use a single piece from the old coop/dog house, since it will soon be home to our 2 ducks. We still have to dig them a pond and set their fencing. There's still a fair amount of fencing that needs to be put up to make the yard for the chickens bigger- it's way too small for 10 chickens to live happily together. And we'll insulate it before next winter comes. But our year old girls seem to be liking it- we've been consistently getting 4 eggs each day since they've been "home".

Now I just need to find some more recipes for egg dishes!

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