Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 1st Blog!!! EEKKK!

Alright. Here I go- so I set this blog up about a week ago with these ideas running thru my head. Grand ideas about how I would start out and what I would write about and then I came to write the first one and choked. I do this a lot. I have fear of what others think of me or what I have to say and I don't want to share. But something I've learned is: I may have fear but there also may be someone out there that may need to hear what I have to say, or will benefit from my words- so just go ahead and say it. And really what does it matter what others have to say- my opinion about me is what really matters. Walking thru the fear.....

This blog may be all over the place. I may right about my children, husband, recovery or just whatever. The recovery I speak of is that of living life with addicts and the effects it's had on me. But I let those effects happen and now am trying to let go of the past, heal and move forward in my search for a better connection with my God, or Higher Power (HP) as I really call it and search for serenity in my life. I am not perfect and may vent here too, but I do this as a way to seeing my part and trying to change what I can. Please do not co-sign my BS, in every situation were I am angry I am wrong- even if its just as simple as being judgemental or having my expectations too high.

I have 6 DC (darling children)- my daughters R-15, P-10, and I-7. My sons T-14, O-4 and C-almost 3 months now. I've breastfed all of them- even just for a short period of time. I am so into cloth diapering- even trying my hand at making my own, with some success. We co-sleep, and have with all of my dcs. I happily take on the term attachment parenting- but am not perfect at it. My boys are un-circed, intact, and I am very out spoken about this topic. I have my opinion and beliefs and stick to them.

So right now I guess I've broken the ice and will see where my ramblings go from life's journey. Hope I don't bore you!


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  1. I, for one, cant wait to read more! Dont worry, itll get easier to write. ;)



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