Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Best Friend of the Day: COFFEE!

Ahh coffee, sweet coffee (with all the creamer I add!) you have won the best friend of the day award. After a fitful night of sleep with our wonderful 1 year old there is nothing I need more than you- well a good nap right about now (an hour after getting up!) would be great but with all this beautiful day has in store- Coffee is THE answer!

My husband and I are in a great debate on how many grounds should be in the basket for brewing. I make mine VERY strong- like add water and then it'll be about the same as an espresso at Starbucks. He on the other hand makes his the strength of coffee house coffee- a perfect cup of joe. I don't care much about the strength, I guess, just as long as it gets it's job done. A full wake up after one cup!

My eldest daughters have recently started to make us coffee, it's a learning experience, a right of passage, an art in this household.(Strangely enough my eldest son naturally makes a good cup of coffee and we have forgone his lessons!) I am determined to have them brew great coffee by the time they leave my house. Coffee will be their life line, their saving grace in times of love, comfort, entertainment and sleep deprivation. But they are not there yet. The number one rule they can't seem to grasp is: There can never be enough grounds! You can always add water- if god forbid it's too strong (but this is a misnomer- coffee is Never too strong). BUT you can't make the coffee stronger after it's brewed!

So I am already on my second cup this morning, after only an hour of being up and finally I am starting to feel human. Umm Coffee, sweet Coffee You are My friend today!



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