Friday, June 4, 2010

Road Trip- IOWA!!!

Tomorrow I embark on a trip to Iowa- not a great distance from here but the trip, in a way, has been a very long time coming.

I keep getting asked "Iowa? What's in Iowa?" For me a first time, can't miss opportunity to meet some sister mamas that I have traveled the road of pregnancy and 1st year of our childrens' lives with. I will only be meeting a few of them, this time. Just 4 out of 20 of us the grew close on a chat board on one site and traveled to another.

"What's in Iowa?" Women I have gotten to know, who have supported each other through the hardest times and the greatest moments of joy. Women who have come to love each other unconditionally because all we really had was our words- no looks to judge, no social tiers to climb, only common parenting views and the need of others. (No needing others in not a bad thing- humans are social creatures and thus NEED each other to be healthy.)

"What's in Iowa?" A lot of nervousness that will probably melt upon sight. Laughter to come and some tears too, I'm sure. Little ones that share a birth month- and a couple a birthday. Lots of talking and pictures. And dreams coming true.

I'll be back to my series early next week- but I am sure that I will want to share my journey to Iowa first.

"What's in Iowa?" I don't know for sure but I know I won't be disappointed and will come home with a full heart and memories to last a life time.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post!!!
    * Tears * My lil girl saw a tear in my eye and said "what's going on with you mama" LOL! You said exactly what I would say! Can't wait to connect with you and the other 2 sister mamas! <3 You really have a way with words! So glad your using it!

  2. Your going to LOVE IOWA and the Stoll family! They are the BEST!! Enjoy your trip!

  3. I am so very happy (and jealous) for you girls! I really wish I could be there and I cannot wait to see pictures!! I wish I could see a video of initial meetings!! Have so much fun!

  4. I got chills. Perfectly said.


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