Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Vaca 2010- Starting of New Things

As of today my kids are all on summer break. O "graduated" preschool, and P the 5th grade. I got the chance to meet my mama sisters (well some of them), and R has a job. C has begun to take many more steps. I has a new best friend, while T had his first sleep over in many many years. I hope this summer will be different than the many past ones we've had. In the past we really didn't have much to do outside our house and yard- living in any area with out much around, even though we were right smack dab in the middle of the city. This summer we're closer to everything and all thinking and talking about the things we'd like to do. The lake, wading pools, library, friends. I wish we could add in here camping or trips to the zoo, state fair, or other festivals that are available here but for us, this year it is out of our budget, and there is no wiggle room for time off for my husband. But if it's free and with in walking distance we WILL be there!

This summer also comes a time to make educational choices for my kids, with only 2 that don't need a decision made for. (The baby and R- who will continue at her current online school as a senior- HER LAST year of school!) O will be a kindergartner in the fall, I in 3rd, P in 6th (the start of middle school- eek!) and T in 10th. Our options are few and none our first choice, over crowding in the schools has made it a race and a lottery on which you can get into. So the school district may boast the slogan "The choice is yours" it's not and really it just stinks. I keep playing with the idea of homeschooling or maybe online school for the 2 youngest- but then I panic.

Monday we attended O and P's graduation ceremonies (these 2 are destined to share the date of most of their important moments in their lives!) Watching O and the other 5 years and their parents was a great opportunity to see how others do it and how sad it is to see them grow up. I picked up O from school yesterday and could not help but get tears in my eyes. This was the school my kids had attended the longest and it closed it doors for good (budget cuts forced it shut by the school district)- every teacher and faculty member came out, some had signs wishing the children a happy summer and good luck in life, to wave good bye to their kids. Tears were everywhere and it was both a happy sight (for the children were in expectation of summer break) but others were heartbroken, knowing they would not return again.

P's graduation from the 5th grade was very fitting- she attended that school in kindergarten and 1st grade and moved away of the rest. She came back to finish out the year after our move and got to be with her class on their finally days of elementary. Many of her friends will still there and she has been able to rekindle friendships and touch base with her earliest teachers. The ceremony itself was a little over done with multiple speakers and music and a slide show- all this done more for the "parents" then the kids themselves. Being still only 5th graders the part they seemed to enjoy the most was the cake! lol But now they move on and are no longer little kids.

I'm sorry this post doesn't not have the flow I usually get in but my head is all over the place- thinking of the things I "should": be making a list of things we have to do, be cleaning the house before the children get up, making phones calls before the schools really close for summer, be preparing to keep them busy. I don't want to look back on this summer and think of all the should'ves- I want to enjoy it, fend off boredom, and keep learning in it all through out the summer. I am already thinking WAY too much. A routine and some organization is good (and keeps mommy sane) but too much will drive them crazy! Balance- the ultimate goal!

This is the summer of many- hopefully fun times, learning experiences, choices and opportunities, friendships and memories. I'm going to start by making it new summer, and leaving those of the past where they are.

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  1. good post! I LOVE summer, but it always seems to be gone before I know it!


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