Monday, August 2, 2010


So I have blogged in over a month. Except for maybe the update that I was blocked and would be back. Well I'm baaaaaaack!

My creative juices were being held in along with a secret, not a bad one mind you but one we waited to share till we felt safe to let out. And now that is out on FB and to family it's like the damn has sprung a leak and I wanna write again.

Father's Day this year was special this year my husband found out he'll be a father again and baby is due on his birthday! What a great double gift! (Yes this means I'm pregnant! LOL Not some strange woman out of nowhere!) We're happy and excited at our choice to wait till the birth to found out what this little one will be!

I've decided to switch Midwife groups and hospitals completely. And am lucky enough to be able to attend one that offers waterbirths and free doulas, and the midwife I've met has been great, not pushy in any way. I feel very comfortable in our decision. And can't wait to try to have my least medical intervation free birth! This is the last- after C was born DH and I talked and found we both wanted one more but I really didn't want to be pregnant after 35 and be put into a whole new high risk group. So here we are!

In other news I found a school for I and O! And they start today! Highlights of this school: 11 month school year (Aug- June), 4 day school week (Mon- Thur), oppurtunities for the kids to acclerate at thier own pace (and moving them to learning groups that suit them), and lots of experience with working with children of differing developemental needs (from Downs to Autisum to ADHD to just extra needs emotionally). I am really hopeful this will be a good fit for us, with I being challanaged but also getting experience working with others that a different from her, to O being also challenaged but being able to work with adults that know how to work with children with special difficulties (with O his energy!).

O's scheduled to have his eye surgery in September and an assessment with a developmental ped in Oct. This are moving forward.

So I hope to be back more often now that my time has been freed up sooner than I expected and my brain has been cleared of this big overwhelming secret!

Yay! I'm back!

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  1. Wow I was gone so long I didn't notice my back ground got erased! POOH! For now I'm sticking with generic format but I'll try to find something that fits better soon! POOH again!


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