Friday, August 13, 2010

More Ramblings

This is going to be a rambly post- I have so many ideas right now but none long enough for their own blog. Also I'm sorry but other than stock photos off the net, I won't be able to post updated photos of my brood. (Our home computer is down for the count and the one I'm using is for my girls to use for school and I don't want to use up what little available free space of memory is left with pics- so they will sit in my camera waiting till the day I can free them into cyberspace...)

This summer has felt so hot- I've whined and complained about it a lot. Last night I heard something surprising on the news: this summer we've only had 15 days of temps above 90 degrees (f)! I so don't believe that- that may be outdoors on the ground, but on our porch (which faces west) usually by noon our thermometer says 90 which by the hottest part of the day (and not even in direct sunlight- that happens around 7pm) says 100+. We've seen it hit 110 at 7! I do everything possible to try and keep the house cool- closing windows to keep the heat out, keeping the blinds closed at all times and moving fans to find the optimal location for comfort, but nothing seems to help keep it below 90+ in here. AC is and never will be an opt- our whole first floor is run off one circuit and even when you are just running say the toaster oven and microwave it blows. So adding air to it would never happen. Next summer we will have to get creative- maybe running an extension cord to the upstairs to run one~ OH I just came up with something that MAY work! (Happy Dance time!!!!)

O and B started school two weeks ago and now that they have gotten used to being back so early they're loving it! I'm loving it! Still need to settle into a better routine for C and I and get the big ones in their schools but a month from now it all should be better, I dream......

A friend of mine posted blog post yesterday on her new home schooling space and can I admit I'm a bit in awe and jealous.....she has done such a great job and I openly secretly admit I wish I could do it too. Home schooling little ones just seems so fun and freeing- but I know I lack one very important quality nesscessary: self-discipline.

I admit it, I'm lazy. Not all the time but consistently enough that I think my children's education would lack. Unless of course they took it upon themselves to break out their books and get down to work. Now this would never work with some of my kids, cause without me telling them to get dressed or shower or wash their laundry (the older ones) they just sit and do nothing all day. And for the little ones- O and B, O'd just get involved in something "fun" and not stop or throw a fit if I tried to make him. B would be better but she's such a social butterfly that she loves her friends- both in school and out, and would get bored with just me. I dream maybe some day.....

Well that's all for now. Maybe I'll come back later and ramble some more for ya. <3

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