Friday, August 20, 2010

Upbeat....or not?!

I'm trying to remain upbeat but finding it difficult. It's not that I'm down, angry or even really all that negative but life's stresses can start to add up and when it becomes monotonous, it becomes hard to shake. I want a family fun day! I want us all to forget life's pressures and just enjoy each other for a few hours, but on our budget this is hard. When you can barely afford to put gas in both vehicles and hand out everyone's stipend of TP for the day just to make sure you have enough to get to the next pay check, finding a few extra pennies to get us out is impossible. I know and pray and hope things will get better, but that's one of the stresses we're living in now- waiting on word of DH's second j0b and the longer the wait the faster the faith flees. (Yes we keep in mind it can take up to 3 weeks for the fingerprinting and badge to come in and it's just been over a week but still you wonder if something came up to sabotage the offer and that's where the faith goes out the window. I know STOP the self-pity! Keep the faith, it'll work out how it's supposed to.)

This morning O called today: Friday Family Fun Day. He's always upbeat. Really I can't tell you how much fun today will be- there is no plans, DH just got paid but it's gone now to the responsibilities, and it turning out to be very similar to every other Friday we've had this summer.

Trying to stay upbeat is hard, especially with nothing to look forward to to break up the monotony and school beginning very very soon. But I'm not cranky- just really really really bored!

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