Monday, September 6, 2010

HDYF (How do you Feel?)- Vaxes

So I think I may do this time to time: a How Do You Feel? blog, where I post a topic a ask readers to respond on how they feel about the topic. I know really a no-brainer, I probably shouldn't felt the need to explain. But I do hope if you read this blog you'll respond- even if you aren't a subscriber!

Today's Topic (obviously): Vaxes but more specifically unvaxed children around vaxed children.

Most parents I know that don't vax don't have issues bringing their children around all other children (vaxed or unvaxed) and actually have more friends that don't than parents who do vax. (They tend to run in similar circles.) The general rule of Respect (and this should be for all parents and children no matter what their vax decision is) is if your child has been exposed to a contagious illness, don't bring them around others. And even if it's something as simple as the common cold, you check first with the other parent. (Yes I am aware this is not always the case and more often than not is the exception.) There are parents out there that seek out common childhood illnesses (ex. Chicken pox and chicken pox parties) in the hopes their child will catch it and build a natural immunity. And there are parents out there that fully vax their young ones but still keep them home and worry they'll catch Something.

Many vaxing parents are angry at non-vaxing parents for their choice and blame is thorn. I always believed once your vaxed for something you'll NEVER be able to get it.

Wrong. For instance the pertussis vax only lessens the symptoms but doesn't keep you from getting it OR spreading it, yes a lesser case is better and less easily spread but my doctor's always have led me to believe we'll never get it! (and just for thought say my oldest fully vaxed child catches whopping cough but it goes untreated because it doesn't seem that bad she can still spread it to the new little one who will be unvaxed for it simply because s/he will be too young to get that shot.) There are definitely pro and cons to that particular vax, IMOP.

And being vaxed as a child doesn't mean you have that particular immunity. I learned this the interesting way- at the beginning of this pregnancy I had my immunities tested. I tested for immunities to chicken pox- which I had naturally as a child and rubella- which I was vaxed for as a child, in combination with mumps and measles. I DO NOT have an immunity to either of the others- Mumps or Measles. So that vax was not completely effective.

Now all my older children are fully vaxed- the oldest 2 have even had their 2nd doses for chicken pox and R has had 2 out of 3 HPV vaxes- the first of which I consented to before knowing the side effects and the fact that the risks out weigh the positives. The 2nd was given to her a teen clinic, w/o my permission- it's not necessary because they consider it a sexual health issue and here in our state, permission is not need for children when it comes to treatment of sexual health at all. She is now 17 and I'm leaving the choice up to her on whether to receive the last shot (well I also don't have a choice/voice in the matter in regards to her clinic.) I made my op clear and have asked her to look it up and weigh the pros and cons before deciding. P and B are still luckily young enough I do still have a choice and they WILL NOT get that shot!

I regret the chicken pox vax- to the point I didn't want to vax O at all for it but at his 12 mth appt he was given it after I denied! I am now left to wonder what to do, and have for the moment decided to wait till he's in middle school to receive the second and hope and pray he's exposed naturally and can build that immunity himself.

Did you know that when vaxing the diease you've vaxed for runs through your body for years always active, you immune system always trying to fight it off?! Never getting a break or being able to form fully- which by the way doesn't happen until somewhere between 3 and 10 years of age, depending on who you ask. (Just a interesting fact I picked up.)

We will not vax for rotavirsus, flu, H1N1, or chicken pox. As for Hep A and B do not see the point of vaxing small children and babies for a sexually transmitted dieases- as teens yes and young adults. In general the vax dosage they give to my 175 lb teen is the same dose they give to my 12 lb 6 month old!

C is not fully vaxed and will not be receiving any more for a GOOD LONG time. This is a decision we've made as parents and after much thought and research. He has received 2 shots of Prevar (meningitis) and 3 doses of DTaP-Hib. That's it! No MMR, polio, or others. Does this cause a concern in you? Does this make you want to avoid me and him? Especially around your little ones? Does this make you feel like we are breaking the loop of herd immunity? And putting everyone at risk? Or do you see it as a choice we've made? And it really doesn't bother you? Are we reckless parents? Ignorant?

Does the info that C had a bad reaction to his 3rd round of vaxes change your mind? And make it more "forgivable"? Did you imagine we were those parents that have made this choice?! Is the above info that we've decided to stop vaxing him (and will not be vaxing the new baby at all because of C's reaction) make you feel that our choice is okay? Would you normally stop and ask why someone would make that choice? Or do you have more of an open mind and are open to new info on vaxing?

So HDYF? Honestly........

(Oh for the record- an case there are any questions- C's reaction was classified by his doctor as "bad" not extreme and luckily he'll have no permanent effects from it and also recommended stopping vaxing for him. He ran a temp, on Mortin/Tylenol, of 103 for 5 days straight, no he was not sick before had, and the doctor who saw him actually commented on how healthy he was, he was lethargic and just sat there looking horrid and out of it the whole time. When I contacted our clinic 2 days after the shot I got the brush off from the triage nurse- who dismissed it as a "normal" reaction and didn't even note in his file that I'd called with concerns, even after specifically asking for it to be. :( We originally had decided to get just one shot at a time but at the 2nd round we were swayed by our ped to add Prevnar, since it was one she was really concerned about. Now we don't know which vax caused the reaction, since we didn't follow our instincts and now both are unsafe for him, in our opinion.)

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  1. Liam was fully vaxed, but I have delayed and spread pout Ben's vaxes. FTR, my vaxes wereseverely delayed....and I am fine. ;-)


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