Saturday, September 4, 2010

A New Look w/Extra! (for my blog)

Some how a while back I lost my cute background- I probably did something but don't know what. This morning I got it in me to redo it all! So I've just spent an hour+ working on it. I went back to the website I got my original from and found another- I could used the same one but felt the need to mix it up a bit! Also a friend has music on her blog and liked the effect so I added my own. (The song that's playing is one of my favorites and helps me to be more grateful for the loves in my life. You can scroll down and see the artist but I'll just tell you here. Lee Brice "Love Like Crazy")

In the fixing of things I lost my old counter and can't find it, so I had to find a new one (I really do the prefer the look of the old one but it's gone- oh well!). Just for the record the old counter had about 200 counts on it and the new one starts from scratch. It's like a redo!

I also added the blogs I follow, so everyone can find what I am in to and my friends that blog. I like being able to send readers their way too. They are all so inspirational!

So my blog is again feeling like my blog. And I am proud of it. Also the more I play with it the better I'm getting at it! (Hopefully from now on I'll only have to "fix" it on my whim!~ And that just maybe seasonally!)

I am working on a blog about the beginning of the school year here but with 5 in school and different experiences for each it's taking more than just a day to finish- hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to publish it! (Notice: It will be

Off to play else where and maybe clean some here.

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