Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Write or not to Write

I get these overwhelming feelings to write (blog) sometimes...but don't know what to use as my topic. Yes I have lots of things I have big opinions on and what to share them with others but sometimes they get lost or forgotten, in the daily goings ons of everyday life. I used to be better about making notes but have gotten out of the habit- maybe it's time to pick it up again.

I don't even want to describe it as writer's block because the urge to write is still there but I do believe in some ways I am trying to sensor myself some. Why? I dunno. My opinions are were beyond mainstream and can come off as very ranty and "you have to do it this way". I know speaking out for what you believe in and feel strongly about is a good way to open others eyes to ways of thinking that may be different than your own but I still harbor a bit of fear as to what others are thinking about me- and to be honest I don't get a lot of comments about what I am writing so this strengthens it. I'd love to have others opinions posted, even ones different than mine- that's how we learn (or at least me) to be respectful and keep an open mind. Life's paths are different for all.

So right now I really want to write....about what? Well everything. But not just about my children and family life- these are wonderful things I love to share about but not my whole life. Yes typically I write about things that involve motherhood, parenthood and the decisions we make in out of our life but it's in a way with a broader spectrum, and not just but us personally. I have an opinion and it's mine but I do like to share. LOL

I need to recommit to my blog- I see it as practice for what I'd really like to be doing...writing magazine articles or even books. Again I don't know on what but in the future........So I am going to try to write daily- and as a warning it may just be me ranting over something I find unfair (hey I'm a Libra! I need balance and fairness in ALL of the world- and it's my job to do my little part in that, even if it's just me opening my big mouth to get my op out there or the word for something else.) or maybe something I'm working on at the moment (personal) and sometimes it'll be to brag about how well one of my kids did on something. But hey this is MY BLOG so I can do what I like! :p

My Dh recently told me he's getting tried of trying to talk to people about the stupidity of the world around him and his voice it's doing anything. I got really sad and kind of angry at him, for taking the "easy" way out. The "Easy" way being not talking about what's important but little known facts (his big ones lately have been the government and it's hand in everything-our freedom, and the medical community as big business, and how what we know as "truth" is really made up by them.). "No one listens anyway so what's the point!" This is makes me so sad and this thinking is what keeps the mainstream in the main- IF everyone who thought a little different would use their really power- their voices- then really change gets made. If people didn't speak up for human rights Think about where we would be- slavery, oppression of some many, government dictatorship!

So I may be one but I'm using my power- my voice! To rant and to sing praises where needed. But I using it and will not be shut up! If you like or dislike what I say...use your power too! I am very ranty but not closed minded- show me stats and I'll keep it in mind!

I was once part of a group that had a crede "We will have no opinion on outside issues" and I believed that meant each individual, and not just the group as a whole. I was told/made to feel that my passion (or opinions) were wrong to share openly and that we only share our experiences. I know now this is not entirely how it was meant to be, for the most part. But it can be hard to get away from a think process that is drilled into your head for years and esp. confusing when you were brought up with a completely different view point. I see now that my opinion and voice does matter and yes there are certain places where showing respect "for the rules" is nessacary- but I don't have to live that in my everyday life. My opinion does matter, as well as my voice.

To Write or not to Write: I'll write. And try not to care as much about whether my opinions offend others or that I may not be making a "difference" because I don't see all and I may have put a little spark out there that'll help to change just one mind.

*(Edit to add: Just a warning that sometimes my posts may come of incoherent...but please understand I do most of my writing at 5-6 am, when there are no other distractions in the house and when I get time on the computer. But it's still early enough for me, and the coffee hasn't yet kicked in, to just ramble. I know you will all still love me! :D)

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  1. Write. Just write. It doesn't matter about what. If it's in your heart, then write. You do it well!!!


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