Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9th Birthday and 4 girls!

Happy 9th I!
Recently my baby girl, I, turned 9. No tears (on my part) were involved (well not this year, maybe next when she hits double digits.). But giggles and laughs and excitement were a huge part of the celebrations.

I, is a Light child. Mostly positive and brings something special to everyone's life she touches. She is a nature spirit, most at home amongst creatures and trees. My fairy (really this is where I get my name- from the Fae children that I get to call mine- not really of this world, each with a affinity to the outdoors and spiritual realm) girl. This is the little girl who has cried tears of horror when she thinks of passing from childhood to adulthood. Never to be consoled.

I has never really had a "friend" party. Being the youngest of the girls and exactly in the middle of all, her birthday was celebrated with family and once in a while one good friend. This year we wanted to make it special. On comes her first sleep over party! I and 3 little girl friends (all of which had never met- well they all knew I of course, but each girl was from a different part of I's life, the neighborhood, school and life. 3 "stranger" girls) doing crafts, skateboarding, eating pizza, watching movies while camped out on our living room floor. There were no injuries from the rough housing or pillow fights and just a few tears (all from I- the fast friendships that came with the fun was hard for her to handle). And giggles and girly voices were heard from the room till wee hours of the morning (think 1 am).

At the end I was asked if we could do this every weekend! LOL I guess it was a success. I hope I gets to hold the memories forever (but she'll have more I'm sure- I think I've opened a can of worms I can never close again!) and treasures them as most grown women do.

(I hope you get a laugh out of the silly masks on each girls' face- I wanted to protect their privacy, since each of them was borrowed to us for the night and not ours to show off! I think the masks also help set the tone of the party! LOL)

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