Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Blog

So I've decided to branch out and add a second blog...I am keeping this one. The new one will be where I'll probably post most though, since it's where I'll go to rant and freely give my OP. This one will be saved for the family and more PG posts on being a mom, maybe some posts on products I love. This blog will remain for those that love this blog. The new one will be for me, to put out there freely (and without worry over others feelings or harm to them) how I see the world and my liberal right wing but paranoid views points of society! LOL

I'll probably be removing (well just moving) some of my blogs here and share them over there. Please don't feel the need to follow me over there, espically if you feel differently than me. I am posting a link to the new one for those that do wish to read it.

Thanks for following me on this blog. And really it's not going away, just becoming tamer.

My New Blog!

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