Wednesday, November 24, 2010

T-day & Gratitude

In years past I've had much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving- friends, family, health. This is year I am thankful for strangers and their kindness.

This year we've struggled financially- living pay check to pay check, bill to bill. When birthday season (starts in August) came we began to worry about the Holidays at the same time. As it is we spend roughly $20-30 on each child for their birthday presents each year and this year has been even harder to come by that. So the holidays seemed impossible. How could we ever have enough money to spend even that little on each child all at once? We knew we couldn't. So we did what most parents do- worry and guilt. But I couldn't let that be all we did...we had to get to action, figure out how we could make it. And this year I knew we'd have to ask for help. But not in the usual places.

I had 2 places I knew I could go and I went. The first is a place I hold dear in my heart and have in the past been able to help others. We have received so much help already from here it's overwhelming! And it's not even December yet. I want and need for nothing for this new baby especially. And have received so much for others in the family. But just the kind thoughts and prayers from those that send them this way have come through too!

The second place I went to was Toys for Tots . In past years we've always tried to give at least one toy to this great program, knowing that the families that use it need the help and we could, in the least, help. This year we need the help. They do not have help for older teens (at least in my area) but for ours under the age of 14 we will get something.

It's hard to admit you need help. Pride wants to get in the way. But this is not for me its for them. And even though we all make do, at least this year the burden will not fall on them to feel.

I am grateful for those that help others they don't know just because they can and are willing. I am grateful to have been able to help in past years and to know because there are others out there that do the same we can ask for help. I am grateful to know this is for this year and in the future things will be better. I am grateful for the hope and love and faith I am receiving from all over our country.

I am grateful also for our MW- who is taking a chance on us and helping us give our little one the "home coming" he deserves.

Without the kindness of others this year it'd be too hard too bear.

I am thankful for YOU!

(Please think of helping this year for you never know who will need help. It could be a friend, family member, neighbor or just a random stranger that needs a little boost just this year.)

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