Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going to Hell

I was recently accused of being anti-Christian, of hating Jesus. Told I was going to hell, along with my children (because I haven't had them "baptised in Jesus's love and word" and because I was teaching them blaspheme). I am not anti-Christian, Jesus or God. Quiet the opposite I assure you.

I find inspiration in my friends that are true Christians, and any other religion, and follow their own spiritual paths. That find deep love and faith in their teachings and true live the word of their doctrine. Those that see what God's love for all is really about.

What I am anti is: those that a fundamentalists, and twist teachings to meet their needs. Those that believe everyone has to conform to the "right" "one" way. Those that judge others for having a different belief than them. Or hope to, are on a crusade to, save those that are "lost". That dictate to everyone different than them that they are going to hell- if I don't mend my ways, ask for forgiveness for my sins and live a Godly life. Those that think those that feel/see differently are less than. Zealots that believe there is only one way and are too closed minded to be open to the great world, and works, taking place around them.

God or the Higher Power is one of the most personal things in life out there. Not one person's God is the same- even in the same religion. We all are connected to our own as we are connected to each other differently. And believing there is only one way to have faith and love and a connection to that God, is very small minded and not an act of Godly love.

I believe Jesus was a person- a great man, much like Buddha and other spiritual gurus in history. But what I don't believe, feel is right for me, is that Jesus is God or any more the son of God than anyone else. I can't jump on board that God is strictly a male entity. There is too much that needs the female aspect in my faith- to be ruled strictly by a male source. There is balance. I believe Jesus was probably a great teacher, tried to set a foundation of good living with everyone, a champion of equality and love. I also believe there are many things in his life that have conveniently been left out of his history/life- to make him seem more Godly. Like a wife and his own written story. Because these make him seem more human. What is wrong with being a very good human? I've come to my own feelings on this through experience and research (because I am one of those who needs the most information available before making a concrete decision on most issues.) and all I want is for others to do the same and not just follow blindly, without thought or feeling.

I have friends that are (what I feel) true Christians. That not only live a life as Jesus would want them to, and use the Bible as loving words not just a doctrine as how to live life. Who truly accept that others have different faith, love and welcome them into their lives without judgement or the hope of helping them see the "light". These friends put Christ into work everyday and don't buy into the hype that theirs is the best and only. Many religions accept who we each are with love but in my experience Christianity is the one that has to make everyone conform to fit or bring them down.

These are the extremists, the zealots. Our way or no way. We usually think this only of Muslims but they are not the only group and by and far most Muslims are not how we want to think. There once was a time when those of the Jewish faith were deemed evil and there were those that tried to eliminate the group as a whole- while others turned a blind eye. We are doing it again but more subtly this time. We think of them as all zealots but don't you dare say there are Christian zealots out there because it's not true. (and in my personal opinion this is because of the vast proportions of Christians in the world.) (I personally have never met a Jewish or Pagan zealot. Someone who has tried to tell others that their faith is wrong, that they're going to hell if they don't convert- hmmmm maybe this has to do with the persecution these faiths have lived with for thousands of years. Just a thought.)

But extremists and zealots are not just in religions- there are plenty in politics and socially. And they are free to walk and talk their gibberish simply in the name of free speech and conformity. If we were all the same it'd be a very dull and boring world. (I could go on and on here about government and their hand in this and about my opinion on how we got here but that's for my other blog and maybe I write on this there someday.)

In my blog posts about my faith and a lot of other topics I tend to rant, or vent, on my true feelings and experiences. I want to put into perspective for those that in the norm/mainstream how the other side lives and sometimes feels. This is my blog and I have that right. Don't read if you don't want. But please try and read with an open mind and HEART, for sometimes new views help to strength yours.

I really wanted to put in some links to friends' blogs (of many different) faiths but I am respectfully not going to. I don't want them to receive messages like I have received. These are true faithful people, who are finding God in their hearts and bringing him into their lives (and that of their children). These are Christians that celebrate Christmas for the real reason- Jesus Christ, without the hoopla of what American Christmas is all about. And these are Pagans living the creed of "Do no harm"- a good one for ALL faiths!

If you have a God ask yourself daily am I living my God's message- and what truly is that message- is it worth living? There is nothing wrong with strengthening your faith by finding the better path.

God and Goddess Bless you!

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  1. Hey mom. I'll gladly go to hell XD i heard its more fun anyway. Oh BTW this is R. and we are pagan, so different than Anti-christian people. Personally I don't think its right to push ours or anyones religion on anybody, if you wanna be christian then thats cool for you but if not then tahts cool too. Personally I like going to christian church but I don't go often because A.) theres not one close that im aware of B.) idk if you'll let me go and C.) those churches start at like 9 and I'm lazy.


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