Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birth Affirmations

I know I'll need some help, from the inside and from the outside, to bring this next little one into the world- this time around there will not be an option for drugs and it's all on me. I'm not scared to face this but went on a search for words of encouragement and love to get me through. Words that inspire and ground. Words that connect me to my high power and give me strength. I found six affirmations that do this. And want to share- some are very birth centered. Some are good for just living life and making it through tough situations.

*"The Same movements that get the baby in,
Get the baby out."

*"Focus on what you can do.
Then do it with All Your Heart."

*"You're Braver that you Believe,
Stronger that you Seem,
And Smarter then you Think."

*"My body is so open that
my baby
just slides out and into my arms."

*"I am Calm,
I am Safe,
I am Relaxed."

*"My body is strong enough
to birth this baby."

(I'm sorry I don't know the authors to these affirmations but they are inspiring.)

I've made a birth window which I plan to use as a meditation point, an inspiration point, and grounding spot for when I need a little extra help. It's an old 6 paned window I've cleaned up. Then for 3 of the panes I created Mandalas drawings (a round/circular drawing) that came from my heart. In the other 3 panes I wrote out 2 of each of these birth affirmations (with emphasis on the focusing words) on pieces of paper and attached them to the inside of the panes. I'll hang this in my room in a place where I can just be. I also wrote out each of these affirmations on post-it notes and will hang them in key locations around my house- finding the "best" place for each one. So as I pace and hover and wander there will be a guide to help me make it to the next phase, contraction or step. (I'll edit this post later with a photo of my window.)

Do you have an affirmation- birth or just for living- that you'd care to share? Please feel free to share yours below. Everyone could use a good inspiring thought in a bad (and in good) moment.

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