Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Update

Recent news/goings on here:

House- We've been battling our Property Management Co. for 8 weeks for a new water heater. The problem started slowly, with showers being shorter (before you could shower 30+ mins without an issue, then the time slowly shortened, now we're down to 10 minute showers- just enough time to wash and if you're really fast warm up. We could fill the tub-standard size tub- and still have hot water, now we're lucky to get enough to cover up to O's belly button- he's a standard size 6 year old, so not even 1/2 a tub full). The Co.s first reaction was to send out a maintenance man- after 6 weeks of complaints, who "turned up the water heater", how he did that since DH had done this last fall is a mystery to us. (And really that should have been an indication there was a problem in the first place- there is no reason for us to have to have the water heater full blast ever- not energy efficient at all!) And in the Co.s eyes that'd have fixed the problem. Nope- a week later its worse. So they send out a plumber- who deduces he could try and fix the water heater but would be cheaper just to replace it- since the thing is at least 12 years old- depending on who you ask. Dh looked and swears the year on the water heater is 1994 but the plumber says 1998- either way an average water heater comes with a 6 year warranty and 11-12 year life span. We're sitting at 13 years. JUST get us a new one already!

So the after the plumber leaves I don't have a need for much water and didn't really use it till dinner time when I rinse out a mixing bowl (made corn muffins!). While attempting to use the sprayer all water pressure (this is in the kitchen~lol) goes out, so I switch to the faucet (thinking maybe the sprayer broke) and 2 seconds later again no pressure! I had DH look at it when he got home and he can't figure it out- it's nothing to do with the faucet here in the kitchen (and pressure in the bathroom is fine, also the neighbor downstairs doesn't have an issue- there's no leaks in the basement either). So now we have to put in another call to the management! They are just gonna love us! lol (Also along with no water pressure there's no hot water- this all leads me to believe something happened with the plumber- the plumber the neighbor downstairs will NOT let into her house because of all the mistakes he's made there.)

Argh! So we have water issues! It's a good thing I've come to rest with the decision to not use the birth tub for our home birth- there's no way we'd be able to fill it anyway, not enough hot water and no pressure= no filling. I really wish I knew what some many water issues in our life means in the grand scheme of things!

DH- Is doing well in his new position at work. The maintenance piece gives him a break and makes him feel more in charge of his career. Also he was given another $1/hour raise at Christmas (the irony- a Christmas raise from his Jewish boss to a Pagan employee~lol. Still makes me giggle~ but his boss loves how he works). DH is happier and more relaxed- we're both enjoying his new schedule. Dh's bad- he's having tooth issues- and without insurance he can't have it fixed, we're in a waiting game until taxes- then he has 2 that need to be pulled (a wisdom tooth and just a random).

R- is doing well in school, so close to graduating and has become so helpful around the house.

T- is trying harder in school and at home. But school has nothing to do with us, it's the school encouraging him to take on his life and responsibility for it (being 16 this should be how it is in my OP- I shouldn't have to hand hold a high schooler). He's still trying to parent his younger siblings which I'm working on snuffing out.

P- is much more used to public school and doing well. Her grades of course are high and socially I don't think she struggles- well at least she doesn't complain. Bus riding is becoming less of an issue- with less request for rides. At home she's still a bit bossy and a control freak but I think this is all age related. We are working on her attitude- both her and us. We've started a daily Vitamins- C and D (for the winter months) and multi for general health- these seem to be helping all in all.

I- in school her biggest issue was reading a grade level- she used to choose books way below her level and it was keeping her back. But now she's choosing at her level and excelling! No more picture books. Chapter books- YAY! She's always been one of my easiest children so not much else to say here except she's still such a joy!

O- last fall's eye surgery went well and the lazy eye is fixed well. We still need to patch daily to strengthen the sight in his left eye but that's a long process. School is going well, socially he's improving and academically he's above grade level- reading at least at a 1st grade level. At home behavior is a day to day thing- maybe it's age I don't know. We have been using a herbal supplement for his ADHD which really seems to be helping, with behavior and sleep some. He's still usually up by 6:30 am but goes down much easier.

C- is making so many steps forward, he's definitely almost 2. And very independent, but not in a way that makes it difficult- he tries things on his own and if he needs help he accepts and even asks for it! This is so much different than my others. We recently got him a big boy bed and sleep has been so good for us all! He has woken once since being moved "up". His new cutest word- Diego, pronounced day-go. When we got his bed we also found a Go Diego Go pillow and his new obsession was born. He's not much of a talker and I think if I was a different kind of mother I may worry about his lack of verbalization but after 6 others I don't. Each of my children have had a different pattern, and a few never said much (or very clearly) till 2.5, so his not speaking sentences or many words doesn't bother me- I know by 3 he'll never stop talking! lol

Me- Still pregnant. Feel like I am being stretched beyond belief but know I've been bigger. Still haven't gained weight but that's ok- baby's growing, blood sugars are okay, and soon I will be done. Everything is ready for the birth. I think I'd be more patient if I didn't have so much prelabor/early labor stuff going on all day for days on end AND if I could sleep better. Last night was a good night- I got to 3 hour stretches with only one wake up to pee. Those nights were I wake every hour and a half and then take 30 mins to fall back to sleep kill me! I had a recliner to sleep in with 3 or 4 of my other pregnancies and I really wish I had one now- the difference is amazing. I'm trying to keep my moral up but it gets so long- these last few weeks, when you're good to go but not going. One day at a time.

Well there's the news around here- no big deals but life as usual!

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