Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Views

I was looking over my "Stats" here on the blog (tab at the top of the page here- if you're a fellow blogger interested in looking at yours). And found it all so interesting. Who's reading? Where they are from? How they got here? Which posts are the most popular? Which pages? So many different things to tell you about your audience- don't worry nothing too personal about you all. ;)

So here are a few choice items I wanted to share....

-#1 Most Viewed Post: Our Home Birth Story: Home Birth Story of Little J- 167 views
- #2: Walking My Home Birth Path- 122 views
-#1 Viewed Page: High Needs & Special Issues- 37 views
- #2: Cloth Diapering- 25 views
-#1 Referring URL: 52
-#2: 24
-#1 Referring Site: 308
-#2: 118
-Pageviews by Countries:
#1 US- 1,033
#2 Australia- 120
#3 Canada- 86
Netherlands- 56
Russia- 49
Ukraine- 48
UK- 35
China- 23
Germany- 23
- Traffic Sources: #1- 52
#2- 24
#3- 20
I know some of this is dry, especially if your not a numbers person- but hey I am and find it very interesting! lol But I wonder what is?! Off to find out!

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