Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyday In The Life of Us.

"A day in the life" doesn't cut it because everyday goes about the same. We go to school and work, we come home and are just here. It gets dull fast...and we get stir crazy like mad, especially in the winter (cabin fever hits high!). We live in the middle of the city, next door to another city and surrounded by burbs- for close to a million people in a 30 minute driving radius. So we are not at a lack of people to interact with or things we could be doing. But we have a very tiny social circle (think less than 20) and no entertainment, or extra gas, budget.

So when I do a post on a day in the life of us, it covers most days for the whole year. There is some variation during warmer months simply because we can walk to parks and lakes but even then after a while it takes on a rhythm of monotony.

5-6 am wake up (DH goes to work at 5:30) Mom's computer time (blogs, and fb usually), nurse/change J.
7:30 am wake up children that need to be (mostly B- O, C and J are already up and fed), dress, and make breakfast/lunch. feed/change J.
8 am make sure T is up and heading off to school
8:15 corral kids to get school stuff on (backpacks, jackets) and head out to wait for bus (that stops at our house)
8:30 wake up P and fight about going to school
9 am push P out door. feed/change J.
9:30 am clean house, feed C 2nd breakfast
10:30 am Tot School (when I'm organized) clean more, feed/change J
11:30 am Lunch for C and I prepare lunch for O
noon put C down for nap. O home from Kindergarten, feed O.
12:30 O quiet time. Feed/change J, nap for me and J.
2:30 up from nap. feed/change J
3:00 check email, etc
3:30 B home from school, snacks for B and O
4:00 wake C up if not already up- get him snack
4:15 T home from school, DH home from work
4:30 P home from school, figure out dinner, feed/change J
5pm start dinner
6pm serve/eat dinner
6:30 feed/change J, clean up dinner
7 pm relax
7:30 start routine to put C and O to bed
8 pm feed/change J, watch tv or computer
9pm B to bed, snack
10pm (most nights) bed w/DH, feed/change J

And then it starts again.....we don't have extra circular/sports/activities to break up the week, C and I are unable to attend our "playgroup" anymore (DH needs the car for work and we've been back down to just one since the blizzard in early Dec '10)- so this is life. Weekends aren't much different, there's just more of us in the house then, all competing for the computer.

Dull drum, huh?

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