Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo Bug

I see pictures in my mind and I try to capture them with my camera's lens. But recently it's become very difficult to get what I see. I don't know if it's my camera or me. It's just really hard to get the images I want. The pictures are coming out blurry, too dark or over exposed (too bright). Not getting close enough or just look like the lens is dirty. I've cleaned the lens and tried changing the settings but it's not helping. I tried to look online for help (through the company's site) but didn't get very far. This is what I have. I also have the older simpler model (and I never seemed to have this issue with the older one, but now when I try to switch back it works like the newer.) DH got me the newer one last year (2009) for Yule so I feel like I should be using it. But it just doesn't capture what I see. I know neither camera is very expensive but they should still work!

(what I am getting from my camera recently)

What I'd like...this! Or this one. Again I know these aren't top of the line but more along what I'm used to. While growing up I had full access to my mother's automatic 35mm and loved the pics I got with it. This is what sparked my interest in photography in the first place. One dream of mine was to be a pro photographer- a dream I can still hold on to since there's no age limit to the creative eye.

So I sit here and drool and wish and get really frustrated at the photos I have been getting lately. I need to figure out what's wrong with my camera(s). :P

(a photo after photo shop)

(the original)

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