Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Declutter Bug! #1 (Playroom)

I've been inspired to declutter! I thought I may be done with the nesting stuff, since little J is here but No! I'm more into keeping things simple and getting rid of the excess stuff. My inspiration- my friend Shine's blog and a link she posted recently. We have alot of people in this house and for us a lot of people= a lot of stuff! So I have to work to keep things manageable around here on a regular basis otherwise it adds up fast and overwhelms me even faster.

The first place I started was the playroom. Since babe was born it hasn't felt clean or organized- partly due to it being the last place I usually clean (being is feels like the least important to me) and partly due to the fact I've been paying the 6 yr old (in gum balls) to pick it up each night. It only took me about an hour to declutter and rearrange/organize and I only got rid of 1/2 a garbage bag of things to donate and 1/2 a bag to the garbage (I'd done some decluttering while still pregnant- so the job was done only a month, maybe two ago). But moving the space around helped it to feel like it all fit better too!

Here's my before and after pics!



I hope to get some of those cloth cube storage bins to put all the toys in and make it look a bit more put together, but those will have to wait a little bit. For now I use what I have on hand.
Next on my list is our kitchen! I'd hoped to get to it today but realized I've got a busy day ahead, and no spare time to do it in, so it'll have to wait till tomorrow. But I'll post before and after pics when it's all finished! I want to try and do a room a day (when our schedule permits) and blog about it each time, so if you're interested in following along and decluttering your stuff too, feel free to link up! Let me know how you're doing and I'll add you to up coming declutter blogs!

This is how I kept the toddler busy while I decluttered... let him play with things I had planned on getting rid of. One last play and he never noticed they went missing!


  1. I love those canvas bins (or lined baskets, too, those look so nice) but due to budget we have five diaper boxes (I know, shocking that I'm using disposables, but at least I'm reusing the boxes, right?! ;) ) that I've spraypainted. They hold up ok although after a few months they start to look a bit battered & need replaced. But if you have boxes that might be the right size you can always paint them, so I thought I'd share! :)

  2. Nat- {{sheepish}} I am reusing boxes too! (ramen boxes- yes we buy it in bulk!) But I never thought to paint them! Mine are decorated in duct tape! lol I need to hold them together after C gets ahold of them once or twice.

  3. Haha! We have been known to buy boxes of ramen at a time too. :)


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