Monday, February 7, 2011

Up Next....(Thoughts for the Year)

I don't do the normal make resolutions at the end of the previous year or beginning of the new- I won't follow through with them and then I beat myself up over it. I have to keep my expectations for myself at a place where I can meet them. What I like to do is wait a bit into the next year- to get a feel for what it'll be like, and then make a list of things I like to TRY and do, with the year. And here we are in the middle of the second month and I've got a feeling for it and an idea of the limitations that are present. (I know some of you may say "why limit yourself already?" well first limitation- I've got a new baby, and an almost 2 year old, so there are some limits to things that can be done. Say I can't go for an hour walk right now- it's just too cold for a newborn (even wrapped up). It's like minus degrees out there with the wind chill! So these aren't limitations on my abilities but in the situations.) But there are a lot of things I'd like to try and accomplish and try. Some are personal (just for me), some are for the family, some are for society, and some are just for fun.

Here's my list: (I'll try and come back to it and update what I've done and am doing.)

For Me:
-paint more
- connect more with my God
-make new friends
-strengthen old friendships
-blog more
-walk more
-eat better
-get out and photograph things I like (not just the family)
-find more Joy
-find better support for my female side
-read more (at least 12 books this year- one a month seems doable)
-go out with other women once a month

For the Family:
-Restart "Tot School" with C
-Spend 30 mins alone with each child, each on their own day
-Have a real date night once a month with my DH
-Cook healthier meals (whole meals)
-Start Saturday walk days for the whole family (once weather permits)
-Start No Tv/video/computer games night
-Go to the library twice a month
-Help/encourage children to find their creative hobby and spend time on it
-Help more with homework
-Encourage children to help in the kitchen

For Society:
-find a cause and do something to help (and not just post on my FB wall)
-find joy and gratitude outside my home
-teach my children how to be more giving
-put out more positive energy

For Fun:
-go camping once this year
-go to the Zoo at least once
-laugh more
-smile more
-get out into the woods
-plant a flower garden
-make a piece of art for the yard (and have the children help me, add their own touch)
-feed the birds more

So this list is starting to feel really long and I need to remember to keep it simple so I'm stopping! But it's a good start and I can always add more later.

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