Friday, March 4, 2011

On My Mind

Inspired by Rhonda over at Down To Earth, this is my Friday photo of "On My Mind".

On my mind today: How to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot. I love to bake whole chickens- my family loves it when I make them but I'm not really into wanting to bake one lately. 6 weeks postpartum and 2 under 2 make my days way too long to put that energy out there at the end of the day. Soooooo I thought I'd try one in the crock pot. I mean I know I can do it but the thought of cooking it "wet" (adding liquid to the crock pot) seems really gross to me. But I found directions online (another blog) on how to without the wet. We'll see how it turns out and I'll update tomorrow with my family's reaction (and my own- cause I am my own worst critic! LOL) and pics of the finished product.

I followed the directions on the other blog. For my spices I used- a Red Pepper and Garlic mix, Salt, Lemon Pepper mix, and more straight Garlic. (Oh a tip! Remember to turn ON the crock pot! LOL)

Also ALWAYS on my mind.....A new pic of Baby J! 6 weeks yesterday! It goes by so fast!

He's my kitchen companion (as it's the safest place in the house for him. The baby gate keeps big brother C away!), maybe he'll turn out to be a cook like Da! :D


(The Bird After!)

The bird turned out great! I will be doing this again. It was very moist and flavorful. The meat literally fell off the bone- I love it when it does that. And as an added bonus it was very easy to continue on with the directions for making broth and tomorrow I'll be making home made chicken noodle for dinner! And there's plenty of chicken leftovers to get another whole meal for our large family. So 3 meals out of one bird!


  1. crockpot is one of mother's best friends! what a sweet baby!

  2. Hope your chicken was delicious! Your baby is adorable.


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