Monday, March 28, 2011


3 years ago I found a group of mommies that were "like" me and expecting little ones at the same time as I was. Over the course of our pregnancies we grew closer, building bonds through words, common interests and growing bellies. We shared our experiences, strength and hopes.

We neared the end, all waiting to see the sons and daughters that had been growing inside us for so long. A few came early and made the wait for the rest of us so much harder. But we were all still happily expecting.

And then we heard of tragedy. One of us had lost her son before he was ever able to take a breath. We cried and were broken hearted for our friend J.

~Soren was born March 29th, 2009~

We all sat with bated breath. Praying. Hoping. Wishing it wasn't so. So unfair, a mama should never have live through that.

And then we heard the news. Another friend had lost her son too. Another life born without a breath. Our hearts were shattered for D. So many mamas had to leave and grieve for our friends.

~William was born April 1st, 2009~

The loss of those two little ones is still remembered by us "strangers" on the other side of a keyboard each year. And everyday. I remember whenever I look at C. There are two mamas out there with a whole in their lives and hearts. I remember.

This year I light a candle on their birthdays and send love out to them and those that remember and love them more than anyone else.

Gone but not forgotten.

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  1. Beautiful words! You spoke what my heart couldn't get out tonight. Thank you! Soren and William always in my heart!


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